Hello …

… welcome to the website for the Ferry Road Allotment site in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Scene of Ferry Road Allotment site. The main tarmaced road stretches off into the distance. The picture is framed on either side by trees and bushes.

We all come and go at different times, we all have our own styles and priorities with what we want to do on our plots, so we’ve set up this website to share news about what’s going on with the site and to gather questions and suggestions from the plot holders.

If you’d like to get in touch follow this link to the Contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Not a plot holder (yet)?

If you’re after a plot on this particular site, then you’ll need to contact the City of Edinburgh Council – they own and manage the land and site. You can find details about how to apply on the webpages of theĀ  City of Edinburgh Allotment Service.

Finding us:

The only entrance to the site is located on Ferry Road.

Map of entrance to Ferry Road Allotment site.

It’s confusing, as the Warriston Allotments site (our next door neighbours) have a site that is broken up into several different sections, divided by the old Railway lines – now tarmaced as the bike/shared paths.

Looking over from the path, you would think it was one continuous site, but for reasons lost in the mists of time they are managed as two separate sites.

Map of Ferry Road and Warriston sites.

On this page, there are some links and notes about the history of the site and area.

A potted history of the site.

Note: work in progress.

Just got your key? New to our site?

You will find information about the facilities and ongoing projects on the Plotholder information pages:

Plot holder information.